United Neon Foundation, Inc. (formerly Hearts for Breakthrough Learning Foundation Inc.) started out in 2013. This served as the socio-civic arm of the United Neon Media Group. In 2014, it started out to give out supports for the following programs such as Scholarship, Training & Workshops and Alternative Learning System (ALS).


“To be the purpose-driven and transformative educational foundation providing support and services.”


“I am grateful to the UNFI community for inspiring me to pursue excellence in my studies. Being with my co-scholars and recognizing our struggles, triumphs, strengths, weaknesses, and prayers made me realize that we are all fighting different battles and trying—it made me feel less alone. First, because of UNFI’s encouraging community, and second, and most importantly, because I know God is with me.To all of the scholars and future scholars of UNFI, I hope to inspire you to go back to your deepest “why’s,” your purpose, and who you are in Christ. And if you are struggling, I go back to what my mentor said years ago: no effort is ever wasted because someday, you will live at the fruit of this moment.

"Small decisions can change someone's life."

Join us in making lives meaningful!